not, whenever Band Band has actually Garu because their lover, the guy does not sit back on her behalf anyway

not, whenever Band Band has actually Garu because their lover, the guy does not sit back on her behalf anyway

When Ring Ring spies into fighting styles studio from inside the Ring Ring in the Martial arts Business, she notices you to definitely Garu is apparently getting they very easy into the Pucca throughout their spar, rarely permitting her reach the floor. It can be contended you to definitely Garu isn’t really looking to harm Pucca once the this woman is a whole lot more solid than he or she is, however, theoretically, therefore is Ring Ring.

In Plunger Soda, Garu nearly drops off an intense cavern, but Pucca is able to save him by the breathing in an excellent large amount of heavens, providing your to help you the woman properly, not to mention unwittingly providing a kiss. Later, whenever Garu are cold, Pucca provides him a scarf, and you may a two-means mitten formed eg a heart which allows this lady to hang their hand. When they get right to the Plunger Soft drink stand, he could be however carrying give.

In Valentine’s, just before Band Band interrupts the big event, Garu was going to deal with one’s heart-designed chocolate Pucca created for him. The guy actually looked wowed of the them whenever Pucca showed them to your.

Together with, throughout the Baseball Competition, when Garu ratings on account of Pucca’s assist, it stare at each and every other having another prior to Garu voluntarily provides the woman a premier five. He looks ashamed from this action once when he notices just how delighted Pucca will get over it, yet not. During the time Ring Ring watched both doing the latest highest five, she turned up, interrupted the game and you may took Garu in her own group. Each other Garu and you may Pucca had furious. Band Band tickets golf ball to help you Garu very he is able to rating, but when Band Band produced Garu this new sign so he can promote her a high four, he overlooked the lady. Whenever Pucca ends up profitable the game facing Band Band, Garu not just claps for her profit, but allows the lady so you’re able to kiss him everywhere to go out of red lip scratching while the their punishment to possess dropping, so you’re able to Ring Ring’s chagrin.

Garu specifically wants to get away from Pucca during the Garu In the Jail, thus Abyo places him in the a jail phone within cops route supply your the room he requires therefore they can reflect. Some thing don’t visit plan, however, and soon enough, Garu finds out themselves treated in order to

look for Pucca, mirroring their sadness because they see each other from the prison taverns (albeit his despair is actually from becoming caught beside an effective ticking fart bomb).

Regarding the Skeptical Video game, Garu was pleased and you can claps having Pucca when she gains the newest first online game. When Pucca observes exactly how excited Garu is that the 2nd game’s prize are a fantastic sword, she wins it having your, which will be prepared to look for your spar involved later that have Abyo and you will Ching.

During the Dong King against. Goh Rong Area 2, when Garu thinks about cooking for everyone, he cares for the most he blushes bashfully immediately after convinced about Pucca whenever she looks right in front from him. It is very important keep in mind that they merely got five minutes leftover for cooking a cake, and you may Garu, in that respect thought of Pucca, managed to make it a score out-of a hundred to beat Dong King’s rating away from 99, rescuing the newest Goh-Rong of Dong King’s purses.


It can be debated one to possibly Pucca comes with the rational fortitude to listen Garu’s audio off worry about astral planes, or that they’re therefore connected you to definitely she will be able to listen to your, regarding occurrence Astral Boy and you can Dream Woman. She actually is in a position to happen to be the brand new astral plane in numerous indicates because the by herself to greatly help him towards the his road to enlightenment. In addition must be listed Garu ‘s the only one she hears in the astral flat if you find yourself she is regarding actual airplane.

In love Soups, Garu fell in love with Pucca once more because of effects off like soup you to definitely she designed for your

Into the episode Tobe the nice Son, they are viewed catching a rose top one to Pucca performed create for your. That the guy tried to exposure falling-off a good cliff to help you save yourself this simple item reveals the guy does care and attention.

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