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Papads that are studded with Indian spices which can be had both roasted and fried. It is the best accompaniment to all types of Indian meal that can also be served as a quick snack. Crunchy papads that range from Plain urad to coin papad add extra crisp to your meal. The ultimate Indian wafer.

Plain Udid

Savor the rich taste of papad with wholesome udad daal and a tinge of black cracked pepper, subtle yet flavourful and that gives you a feeling of feasting.

Red Chilly

Traditionally sun dried red chilli papad, flavoured with hot red chilli flakes that adds fiery twist to the regular papad which is thin crispy disc of loaded spices.

Garlic Chilly

Crunchy papad made with prime quality daal and spices with essence of fresh garlic and green chillies which are grinded and finely mixed to be served to complete a perfect meal

Coin Papad (Disco Papad)

Coin papad also known as disco papad are the most delicious and a perfect choice for a quick snack to be served with hot evening tea. From kids to elders.

Punjabi Papad

Prepared out of dry jeera and coriander that adds Punjabi tadka to ordinary papad. Best when served plain roasted, with chopped vegetables or fried.

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