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Pickles have been a part of our culture and history & pickling is an art we master in. Our fresh & prime quality pickles take the delight of having food to it’s best level. We promise to lure you back into childhood memories with varieties of pickles ranging from sweet and sour to fiery and bold.

Mango Pickle

Mango pickle adds zing to everyday meal especially to dal or rice. Its tangy taste sums up the feeling of home in a jar.                                      

Mixed Pickle

A perfect blend of mango, carrot, lemon & chilli compounded with hot spices, accompaniments best to north Indian cuisine.

Lime Pickle

It’s sour & savoury taste titillates the taste buds which is a remedy to both, indigestion & boring curd rice.

Chilly Pickle

Giving out the elite flavours of Rajasthan with spicy peppers pickled in lemon juice & lots of seasoning. It is served as a relish for added flavour as a side dish

Brinjal Pickle

A mouth- watering amalgam of piquant, spicy & slightly sweet hit with its special roots from Goan cuisine that goes best with all varieties of curry.

Dry Fruit Pickle

Lavish dry fruits melded with delicious Indian condiments, loaded with goodness of almonds, cashews & dates is a healthy substitute for daily snacks

Garlic Pickle

It is packed with bold spice flavours with bursting taste of cinnamon & cloves. The only side dish without which authentic Maharashtrian thali is said to be incomplete.

Karela Pickle

Mixed with a variety of seasoning & lemon juice making it palatable. A pickle that only makes a meal better not bitter.

Citron Pickle

Authentic Indian condiment to enhance taste & staple with a pinch of hot spices that is enough to make those taste buds tango.

Red Thecha

An original Maharashtrian condiment made with somking hot red chillies that has the potential to spice up any dish and taste that can blaze your tongue.

Green Theacha

Straight from the flavours of Maharashtra, hirvi mirchi thecha is sure to add lot of excitement to your meal. This can be enjoyed best with any Indian bread and is enough to tickle your tongue.

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