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Spices are the foundation of traditional cooking. Indian kitchens are incomplete without a ‘masala dabba’ (spice box). These spice powders lay the basis of cooking and hence quality is a priority to all Moms & so is to us. Farm- fresh spices specially chosen to complete your kitchen. 

Chilly Powder

Organic peppery red riches of Rajasthan that gives a sharp twist to every dish. It adds fiery taste and blazes out natural, vibrant red colour and are hand-picked straight from the farms

Turmeric Powder

A spice that is freshly plucked from turmeric plant which is then dried &   grinded to produce a fine sized powder that tastes earthy & bitter with a bit of peppery spice. It gives out vivid colour that is commonly used in     most Asian dishes.                                                                                                    

Coriander Powder

Dry coriander seeds are roasted and finely pulverised. There are hardly any Indian recipes that can take down this herb because its flavour is all over the map.

Onion Garlic

Cuts down the effort & time consumed in chopping & grinding. One-stop masala that goes with all dishes of Indian cuisine. It doesn’t just complete main course dishes but also snacks such as vada pav, thalipeeth, pakodas and may more

Jeera Powder

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